The Akashic Trancework

Free Releasework Consultation

What are you holding on to?

The vibrations of these words make us uncomfortable, triggering things we don't want to face. We do so much to numb the pain, to escape ourselves, and to overwhelm the things that gnaw at us . . . until, sooner or later, we become painfully aware of the impact they have on our lives.

We want nothing more than to Expand, to Activate ourselves, to reach our fullest potential . . . but we still have a heaviness in our hearts, our bodies, in each cell. Our bodies remember, even if we have chosen not to let our minds recall.

You are not alone.

There is hope.

Take a breath now, and accept that truth. You can be well, happy, healthy and free.

Tranceworkers Nathan & Astara specialize in Cellular Memory Release and can help you discover how to apply the Akashic Trancework modality to develop strategies for letting go of the things that dim your shine.

After a simple, free 30-minute consultation, you'll walk away with potent tools for mental, emotional, and spiritual energy management that can open up new portals of growth to ripple out into your life moving forward. 

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Meet your Tranceworkers

Nathan Amthor

I'm an experienced Tranceworker, Teacher, Akashic Record Keeper, Intuitive Therapist, and Tarot Reader. I can help you delve into the secrets of your mind and understand your own spiritual truth at a deeper level.

Astara Solae

I'm a seasoned counselor, spiritual doula, and intuitive channel. I can help you access cellular memory to transform your unconscious blocks into your deepest well of power!