Trancework is a powerful, transformative process that takes an investment of time and energy to be truly effective. Please complete the fields below to see if live Trancework sessions are a good fit for you.

We have a requested donation amount of $33 for these sessions, however inability to pay will not disqualify you from this session.

IMPORTANT: If you are approved, you will be directed to a scheduling link. This will be your only opportunity to schedule; you will not receive any further communications from us about your free session.


Trancework Journey

Experience a process of guided breathing and visualization that will relax you into a state of gentle relaxation. Once there, you can connect with your Heart Center and check in with your deeper awareness. This is an excellent experience for those who seek a deeper understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and experiences and is a recommended first step towards Initiation.

Akashic Record Reading

During an Akashic Record Reading, you don't have to do anything other than come ready to receive deep insight and guidance. Nathan uses carefully cultivated Trancework skills to connect to the Akashic Library, bringing illumination to any inquiry. Come with a specific question or receive a general reading.

Soul Retrieval

This session is similar to an Akashic Record Reading but is a unique and empowering experience all its own. Nathan will enter Alpha Trance to seek soul fragments you've lost across time. The practice of soul retrieval is time-honored in shamanic traditions. Nathan is gifted at quickly and effectively retrieving fragments to assist with the re-integration process.

Womb Reading

Allow Astara to tap into your Womb Intelligence to bring forth clarity and information about your physical and energetic health and where you can release blocks for full, free expression.

Ancestral Guidance Reading

This process will connect you with an Ancestor guide who can help you Release unconscious inherited blocks and reconnect with your innate, Intuitive gifts - your Ancestral Magic!

Exploration Call

Connect with Astara to discuss where you are and where you’d like to be. Astara may use any of her Readings and Intuitive gifts to offer impactful guidance and recommendations for moving forward in ways that unfold far beyond your 30 minutes together.